Amsterdam’s painters – Paulus Potter

Paulus Potter by Bartholomeus_van_der_Helst  Paulus Potter painted by Bartholomeus vand er Helst around 1654

Paulus Potter was baptized in Enkhuizen on November 20th 1625 an buried on January 17th in 1654. He was a painter and his works were also bought by the house of Oranje.

Paulus_Potter_The_Piebald_Horse_Dutch,_about_1650_-_1654  The piebald horse

1652 Potter moved to Amsterdam on request by Nicolaes Tulp. He died of tuberculosis when he was only 28 years old.

Paulus_Potter_-_De_Stier The bull

Paulus Potter was one of the old Dutch masters of the Baroque period, but only little is known about him.

Paulus_Potter_-_A_Husbandman_with_His_Herd_-_WGA18210  A husbandman with his herd


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