Amsterdam’s painters – Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem

Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem was born inHaarlem on October 1rst1620 and died in Amsterdam on February 18th1683. He was a painter of Italian pastoral landscapes.

Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem - an angel

Nicolaes Berchem was the son of still life painter Pieter Claesz. He is said to have been trained by his father and by Jan van Goyen, Nicolaes Moeyaert, Pieter de Grebber, Jan Wils and Jan Baptist Weenix.

Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem

From about 1660 to 1670 and again from 1674 Berchem lived in Amsterdam. He worked as a designer for the engraver Jan de Visscher, who published an atlas. Berchem is buried in Westerkerk.


Nicolaes Berchem was the teacher of Abraham Begeyn, Johannes van der Bent, his own son Nicolaes Berchem, Isaack Croonenbergh, Simon Dubois, Karel Dujardin, Johannes Glauber, Pieter de Hooch, Jacob van Huchtenburg, Justus van Huysum, Dirk Maas, Hendrick Mommers, Jacob Ochtervelt and Willem Romeyn.


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