Amsterdam’s painters – Carel Fabritius

Carel Fabritius was baptized in Middembeemster on February 27th 1622 and died in Delft on October 12th 1654.  Painter

Carel Fabritius

He was an apprentice of Rembrandt at the same time as Samuel van Hoogstraten. Rembrandts influence is especially clear in his early works. Much of his work was first attributed to Rembrandt. Later Fabritius liberated himself from Rembrandt’s influence and his paintings became brighter and more fluid.

Carel-FabritiusHappyChildC1645-50ToledoA web  Happy child

Even later Fabritius himself is said to have been a major influence on Johannes Vermeer and Pieter de Hooch, especially in terms of perspective and composition.

carel-fabritius-goldfinch  The Goldfinch

Fabritius painted portraits (also as a court painter to the Princes of Oranje), genre pieces and historical works. Of his paintings only 15 pieces have been preserved.

CarelFabritiusViewOfDelft View of Delft

On October 12th in 1654 the powder house in Delft exploded and Fabritius, who was in his studio, was badly injured. He died of his wounds a few hours later. It is believed that there was a fire at his studio in connection with the explosion and that his paintings burned on that occasion. That would explain why so few of his paintings were preserved for posterity.


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