Amsterdam’s painters – Ferdinand Bol

Ferdinand Bol was born in Dordrecht on June 24th 1616 and died in Amsterdam on August 24th 1680. He was a painter, etcher and drawer. His works belong to the Baroque period and he was one of the old Dutch masters.

Ferdinand_Bol.Self-portrait  Self portrait

Bol painted portraits and historical and biblical paintings.  He became an apprentice of Rembrandt around 1631 and became so good at painting just as his mentor that many of Bol’s paintings for a long time were attributed to Rembrandt himself.

Ferdinand Bol - Governors_of_the_Wine_Merchant's_Guild  Governors of the Wine Merchant’s Guild

Around 1645 Bol’s style changed. His work became more pathetic, though Rembrandt’s influence remained significant.

FerdinandBolOldManWithFloweringBear  Old man with flowering beard

After 1650 Bol became very successful as a portrait painter in Amsterdam. His best work is from between 1650 and 1669. The portrait of Elisabeth Jacobsdr. Bas (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) shows Rembrandt’s strong influence on Bol’s work.

Ferdinand_Bol_-_Elisabeth_Bas   Elisabeth Bas

As one of the popular painters of his time Bol also participated in decorating Amsterdam’s new town hall, now the Royal Palace on Dam.


Bols dated works originated from 1642 till 1669.

After 1669 he didn’t paint any more or only little.


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