Amsterdam’s painters – Govert Flinck

Govert Flinck was born on January 25th 1615 and died in Amsterdam on February 2nd 1660. Painter.

govert flinck-sp-age-24-self portrait  Self portrait at age 24

Flinck was an apprentice of Rembrandt, and several of Flinck’s paintings were sold as Rembrandt’s paintings.

Govert_Flinck_Rembrandt as a sheppard  Rembradt as a shepherd

Flinck was already a famous painter when he was alive, and he painted many portraits for Amsterdam’s notabilities. He also painted the Princes of Oranje and for Frederik Willem I of Brandenburg, King of Prussia and Elector of Brandenburg.

Govert Flinck Kurfürst_Friedrich_Wilhelm_von_Brandenburg_2  Frederik Willem I of Brandenburg

Flinck,_Govert_-_The_Company_of_Captain_Albert_Bas_and_Lieutenant_Lucas_Conijn_-_1645  The company of Captain Albert Bas and …

Govert Flinck


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