Amsterdams painters – Jan Lievens and Adriaen van Ostade

JanLievensSelfPortraitCirca1629to1630  A self portrait

Jan Lievens was born in Leiden on October 24th 1607 and died in Amsterdam on July 4th 1674. Painter.

Jan Lievens stilleben

He became an apprentice when he was eight years old and went to be an apprentice of Pieter Lastman in Amsterdam, when he was ten. There he worked together with Rembrandt.

Portrait of a Man  The old man

Lievens and Rembrandt painted very much alike and it is said that some of the young Rembrandts paintings actually were painted by Lievens.

lievens-de dode - rembrandt  The dead – by Lievens and Rembrandt


Adriaen_van_Ostade_painted by Frans_Hals,,_c._1645_alt._1648 Adriaen van Ostade by Frans Hals

Adriaen van Ostade was born as Adriaen Hendricx in Haarlem on December1610 and died in Haarlem on May 2nd 1685. Painter.

Adriaen van Ostade

Van Ostade was an apprentice of Frans Hals and the teacher of many famous painters, amongst others of Jan Steen.



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