The round Lutheran church

The round Lutheran church  at Singel was built between 1668 and 1671 as the second or “new” Lutheran church in Amsterdam, because the old one had become too small.


The reason for the looks of this church is that it was forbidden for Lutherans to build a church tower and so they build a dome instead.

The church has had various nicknames over the years. Lutheran Fatty was one of them. Lutheran Tarpot was another and that came from the round dome form of the church and from the fact that there lived a lot of tar dealers in the area.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The round Lutheran Church in the distance on the right side

The church has had several fires. On 18 September 1822, it even burned completely to the ground. But the Lutherans didn‛t just sit around and do nothing. They collected money all over the country and were already able to rebuild it the following year. In 1826 it was back in use.

Inside the church has 2 floors and a 22 meter high organ dating from 1715.

The Lutherans left the church in 1935. Since then it was used for concerts, and for a while it was the address of a tent and rope maker. In 1975 the adjacent Sonesta Hotel started using it. A tunnel was built under the ground so the guests of the hotel could reach the church, which in the meantime had become a congress and concert hall, without going outside.  

Today the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel is using the church for various arrangements, from meetings over weddings and live television shows to gala dinners.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel, from which a tunnel goes to the church


In 1993 the round Lutheran Church burned again. On February 3rd the interior and the dome were ruined, and it took 16 month to build it up again. Since then the roof of the dome has the color of copper and it might still take a while before it gets green again.

The round Lutheran Church


2 thoughts on “The round Lutheran church

  1. I have a postcard of the church from around 1920. On the back is written, “This is the big church were John Brandt’s Great grand father is buried in this big dome church in Holland”. John Brandt is my grandfather. Is there any information about those buried in this church?

  2. Hi Joan, That’s a good question. I haven’t heard nor have I read about any burials in the round church at all, and I don’t remember seing any gravestones. But if you would like to find out I guess that you could contact the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel about it. Maybe they know.

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