Noord-Zuid Hollandsch Koffiehuis

Noordhollandsk koffiehuis, Smiths Cafe ved CS 

When you leave Amsterdams Centraal Station through its main entrance and look to your left, you’ll see Het Noord-Zuid Hollandsch Koffiehuis, also called Smits Koffiehuis, a white house in pavilion style, which has been there since 1919.

Smits Koffiehuis

It used to have a large pier from which boats sailed to a little station in northern Amsterdam, from where a train went on to Edam.

Amsterdam - EdamThe coffeehouse was renovated in 1930 and what was originally a pier became a terrace.

When the first metro line was built in 1972, the coffeehouse was in its way and had to be torn down, but the problem was solved by taking the house apart brick by brick, numbering the stones, and then rebuilding the coffeehouse on approximately the same place after the metro was finished.

The building still contains a coffeehouse, but also a tourist information and an information spot for public transport.

Oh, and by the way, this is not one of those coffee houses where you can buy cannabis. It’s a real café.


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