People behaving badly on the internet

We all know that many people behave really bad on the internet, there is nothing new in that, but I wonder why two so seemingly harmless subjects as eating habits and lifestyle can trigger as many nasty comments as they do.

I’ve always been interested in food and consequently in health and therefore I read a lot of articles about both subjects where ever I find them. I’ve also changed my own diet and eating habits quite a few times over the years, from being carnivore, eating all kinds of animals to avoiding pigs meat to being a vegetarian and back to eating meat and back to being vegetarian again several times and now, for the time being a fully raw vegan.

When I change my diet it’s because something in my old diet doesn’t work for me anymore, not because I’ve seen the light and feel that everybody should eat the same way I do. It’s totally all right for me whether you eat nothing but take out and spend all your free time in front of the television or are an iron man on nothing but carrots and tomato juice. Your life, your rules.

That said I’ll reserve my right to speak up, if the way you’re eating and living courses others to suffer, either because of slavery/poor working conditions, cruelty towards animals or whatever.

But back to the thing I’m wondering about. Today I read a piece written by a lady who is allergic to milk, and she wrote about her fight to make the Danish equivalent to the FDA change their glorification of cows milk and think about all the people who are allergic to milk products (which by the way are quite many).

The piece was well written and I could totally see her point. Why make people consume something of which we know by now that it will make a large percentage of the consumers sick? That makes no sense.

Her article got a lot of comments. Some of them were from people who told about their own problems with milk, but most were short outbursts of anger from people who were not willing to accept her problem, nor her wish to help others before they come into problems.

It’s something I’ve seen hundreds of times before. Somebody is writing about some kind of food, saying that something is not adding up, that it makes them sick, and others are commenting, calling that somebody a liar or asking him or her to suck it up, because it’s never done them any harm. And their comments are really written in a very harsh tone.

It was not like the lady asked to get a ban on milk for all forever. She just asked to be taken seriously and not lied to.

Why do people feel this irresistible urge to behave so badly, when it comes to food? I just don’t get it.

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