Mostly about shrimps

Originally I come from the northern part of Germany near the North Sea, and in the olden days, when I was a child, there were lots of small fishing boats going out to fish for shrimps, the small brown kind, near the shore. Back then you could have it as a job to take the shell of the shrimps.

I don’t think it was a lot of money, but my parents were poor, and even so my dad didn’t like it, my mom got, I don’t know, maybe 20 pounds of shrimps that were delivered to our house every day and were picked up again some hours later. Sometimes we helped her, and I remember that we ate many of those shrimps ourselves.

It’s a warm water shrimp and much more tasty than cold water shrimps.

Anyway, when I moved to Amsterdam I was most delighted to see that most shops have a fridge especially for things like smoked salmon, eel, trout, mackerel, crabsticks, small, raw pink shrimps and cooked brown shrimps of the kind I knew from childhood, so I bought a package.


They tasted absolutely disgusting!

I later found out that the Dutch really are fishing hard for this delicate little creature in the water near where I come from and that it is the reason why all the small local fisherman went out of business. But instead of treasuring this delicacy as it should be, they pretty much take all there is and send it to North Africa to have the shrimps peeled there, before they are send back to the Netherlands, packed and sold as “Hollandse Garnaalen”.

Okay, you probably can hear that this is close to my heart. I think that it is no way to treat nature. By going out in huge trawlers and take everything they can lay their hands on and by ploughing the sea bed they ruin everything for everybody and I really think it’s not okay!

I only bought those shrimps that one time and would never do it again. It’s a sad, sad waste.


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