People from the past

My mom had 2 sisters and 1 brother. Her brother drowned when he was young, so I never met him, and her older sister moved to Denmark when she met her husband and her younger sister moved about 600 kilometers to the south and got married there. They both got children.

?????????????????????????????????? My uncle Helmut, whom I never met

??????????????? My mother to the left and her two sisters

Despite the distances my moms sisters and their families came frequently to stay, when we were kids, and my cousins and I liked each other very much and loved being together.

Then we all grew up and my cousins didn’t go with their parents on every trip or if they did, I wasn’t at home, but had got my own life, and so we got out of touch and only heard about each other through our parents.

And then my moms younger sister died. She was only 40. She had left from a visit at my parents about a week before, and then she was dead all the sudden.

It was very hard for my mom, and within a year she got very sick. Luckily she survived, but missed her little sister very much, and when her sisters husband found himself a new partner a few years later, my mom couldn’t really take it and so the contact between her and my uncle, and in a way also between her and my cousin stopped.

Maybe you know how it goes. You know somebody and then you start only hearing about them through others and then they stop talking about them and the people you knew before just fade away for you. You still think about them sometimes, but that’s it.

Well, today I did something different. I noticed that it’s the tenth of January and remembered that it’s my cousins birthday.

Not being able to find her phone number on the internet I looked for my uncle, and there he was, still living at the same address as when I last met him in 1977, so I called.

He is 79, still going strong and he was very happy to hear from me. We talked for over an hour and are going to see each other this summer. He also gave me my cousins phone number, but told me that her husband had taken her on a trip to Hamburg, so I just send her a message to congratulate her.

She didn’t have time to talk, but we send a few more messages to each other and I am happy that she is just as excited as I am to be in contact again, and we are going to talk very soon.

All in all it has been a very good day.

What about you? Is there somebody from your past you could get in touch with again? Chances are they will be very happy to hear from you.


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