How I went to Spain by accident, part 4

We stayed in Barcelona for quite a while.

Looking back I must say that we were absolutely ignorant about the architectural treasures of the city. I don’t think we’d ever heard about Gaudi at that point.

Never the less we enjoyed staying there.

I remember the camping place being smaller than it is today, but it was nice and well taken care of and it had a swimming pool, which was quite small and heated by the sun, but never the less. It was clean and for some reason I had it for myself most of the time, except for a few lazy lizards, which were either taking a swim or resting on the deck next to it.

firbenI’m not sure it’s the same kind, but this is how I remember the lizards

We went into town a few times, mostly to find a place where we could buy some food. We never did, and it was only years later that I found out why; we looked mostly in the main streets, where the rent was high, and we looked for signs like we are used to at home. Well, not the same names, just something that would tell us that here was a shop where we could get food.

Later I was told that “Why on earth would a shop owner spend money on signs? Everybody needs food anyway and everybody in the neighborhood knows where the shop is!”

After our second or third trip to town we gave up and in stead we bought our food at a stand outside the camping place, where we mostly could get bread and Spanish sausages of the kind you cut into slices.

spansk pølse

I especially remember one kind. I swear you could have killed a man with a sausage like that, and you could have done it in more than one way. It was a long sausage, about a meter, and very hard. I guess you could have used it as a weapon. We bought some (very thin) slices of it that looked more like a mosaic window then like food, and even so it tasted okay, it was very hard on our digestion, and we only bought it once.

The Spanish people are very kind and we really enjoyed our stay. So much so we almost regretted that we had planned to pick grapes in France, but since that and learning more French was the main idea of our trip we packed all our things into our Volkswagen one more time and drove north.

To be continued …


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