How I went to Spain by accident, part 1

Now I remember the name of the small town where we bought our oysters. It was Cap Ferret.

Camping du Truc Vert   Camping du Truc Vert til Bordeaux_markeret

Camping du Truc Vert near Cap Ferret at the Atlantic near Bordeaux

The camping place we stayed at for about 2 weeks was the Camping du Truc Vert nearby. I think we could have stayed for ever, it was just perfect.

But, as I wrote, we had planned to find a place, where we could pick grapes, and so we went on.

Cap Ferret til Toulouse_markeret

I don’t think we had a real plan for what to do and where to go, but I had once met a young guy from Toulon back in my home town, and he had told me about how wonderful it was in Toulouse, so we drove south-east to Toulouse and then decided that we could go a little further to the south.

Toulouse til Andorra2_markeret

We didn’t even have a map with us, and it came as a total surprise for me, when all the sudden I realized that we had been driving up for a long time and were driving on a narrow road in the mountains.

I’m terribly scarred of heights and at the first possibility I drove into a parking space along the road and started crying. You see, I was the only one with a drivers license and at that point we were already quite high up. The road was really narrow, and looking behind us I could see that I would not dare to drive in the opposite direction, because driving that way I could really see how high up we were.

My boyfriend Torben and I talked about what to do. He offered to drive the car downhill, but that was not an option. As I said, he didn’t even have a drivers license. I couldn’t drive down, and so we decided to continue through the Pyrenees in the same direction. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad on the other side.

To be continued…

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