From a Danish Christmas lunch

Today was the day when 7 of my good old friends came to spend the day and eat Christmas lunch with me. Christmas lunch or ‘julefrokost’ is a Danish tradition and usually happens before Christmas but can also happen after, all the way into January. Most people go to at least one Christmas lunch every […]

I meant well

Describe a time when you’ve settled an argument between to people. 22 years ago I interfered in the relationship of a couple. They were friends of my husband and me. We had known him longer than her. I went to school with him and we made some business together, while we went to school and […]

Maybe I should Feng Shui my house

Todays assignment: Tidy up your desk. Apply the four basic principals of Feng Shui to your work area: eliminate clutter; eliminate all broken and useless objects; make sure that 50% of your walls and work area are clear; be sure you love everything you have. My little book also tells me that Donald Trump, Merill […]

Kernel-bread with chocolate

The fifth of November I told you about the pros and cons about wheat and gluten. Back then I gave you a recipe for a kernel-bread with cheese and without gluten and I promised you another recipe without gluten and with chocolate. Here it is: Ingredients: 75 g linseeds 75 g pumpkin seeds 75 g […]

About buying Christmas gifts

Christmas is normally a time when I spend large amounts of money on gifts for my girls and on food. I don’t know why, maybe to make up for us being such a small family. This year is going to be different though. Because we are going to spend Christmas with the girls dad and […]

Thomas Kirk

Todays assignment: Build your own fictional world, one character at a time (1) Thomas is another character from the romance novel I’m writing. He is 35 years old, and in the beginning of the story he is the boyfriend of and lives together with the protagonist Jane, until he does something really stupid. Thomas is […]

What women want

Today’s assignment: Ladies man Women don’t talk about it very often but I guess that most of us are looking for a ladies man. And by ladies man I don’t mean a player or cheater. My idea of a ladies man is (in order of importance) a man who is: charming well groomed well mannered […]

Fear of hights

Todays assignment: Fear of fear itself When I was a child and young, I remember not being afraid of anything. I climbed towers and walked into dangerous situations without ever thinking about it twice. Then, when I was 19 years old, I climbed a tower in Laboe near Kiel in Germany. The tower is a […]

About Christmas traditions

Todays assignment: Write naked As I told you in an earlier post that’s not going to happen. It’s winter and cold and apart from that I would just feel silly. Instead I want to talk to you about Christmas. Again. I’ve often wondered how others handle other peoples and especially their parents expectations for Christmas. […]