Starting over

The 29th of November I told you about my decision to pretty much turn my life around and work on becoming a person I would like to date.

Before and after I wrote that I’ve thought a lot about what it is I want to change, have chosen some of the remedies that are going to help me and the date when I’m going to start. I’m not into new years resolutions, never have been, and this isn’t one either. It’s a sheer coincidence that the day I’m going to start to change my life is the 3rd of January.

From that day forward and till next Christmas I will do things differently, for example when it comes to doing things I would like to do.

Until now I’ve had a tendency to say: I would really love to do this and this. Then, practically in the same moment, I would think about the price and say: I’ll see. Maybe I can wait a little.

I think that’s my way of telling the universe that I don’t trust there will be enough money. And sure enough, I always find something else to spend my money on.

So one thing to change will be just to do the things I would like to, like taking a Turkish bath or having a manicure when I feel like it, or saving money in a piggy bank and earmark that money for maybe a trip to Rome.

Another thing I’m going to change is how I look at myself. I’m overweight and not happy about it, but I’ve been overweight most of the time for the last 30 years and if I’ve learned one thing from it, it’s that diets don’t work and that all this crap about having will power is nonsense! That’s why I’m going to try other possibilities like using fun ways to build muscles, replacing some of the crap I usually eat with delicious vegetable and fruit juices (I asked Santa for a nice juicer this year and got one), eat more meals every day, get some deep tissue massage, zone therapy, and whatever I can find. And I’m going to smile at myself every time I look in the mirror.

I am also going to cut my working hours shorter than they are today, take up either drawing or pottering or both again, finally finish my sailing certificate, go to some of all the exhibitions I get invited to, start learning a new language and start writing one more blog.

I think it’s a great plan!

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