Christmas vacation – the end

Finally the party came to an end – some of us have to get back to work; others got too much of the good food and drinks and need to restitute before going back to work in a week.

We rented our summerhouse from the 21st till the 28th, but in the end we only used it from the 22nd till today, the 26th, and that was okay. It was great to be able to have it for as long as we really felt for it.

Our trip home could have been easier though. Today it was foggy all over the country and people are idiots when it comes to driving carefully, so there were lots of accidents on the high ways and we were stuck in the middle of it for three hours.

Now I’m back home at my desk and wondering, what happened to my internet connection.  It’s gone and took my plans about working tonight with it.

Well, I guess my Christmas vacation is going to last a little bit longer then.

I hope you all had a great Christmas.


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