Christmas vacation – day 3

It’s my birthday – 57 years – my goodness, where did the years go?

When I look in the mirror or see a picture of myself I sometimes wonder what happened. This is not me, I’m not this old! On the inside I could still be 21 or 30, and the wrinkly and grey haired woman looking at me from the mirror is somebody I don’t know.

I guess it will take me a few more years to learn to handle her and by then I will have become even more wrinkly and grey.

Any way. We’re all still at the summerhouse except my ex’s wife’s daughter and her fiancé, who moved on to another Christmas party with his family.

We didn’t have capacity for dessert yesterday night, so we ate it for breakfast today: something called ‘risalamande’ made out of rice pudding with lots of whipped cream, gelatin, chopped almonds and vanilla and served with a sauce of sweet cherries.

Normally we leave one almond whole and put it somewhere in the bowl with ‘risalamande’, and all of it has to be eaten, and the person getting the whole almond puts it aside so nobody else sees it, until we’re all finished and then that person gets another gift.

Today that person was me, and I got a huge box of chocolates; just what I needed.

After that we all relaxed. Relaxing is a very big thing for us today.

Then we got our Christmas lunch consisting of hot smoked salmon, cold smoked salmon, smoked shrimps, tuna mousse, raw marinated herring in mustard sauce, raw marinated herring in madeira sauce, liver pate with champignons and bacon (both pig and turkey), boiled eggs, mackerel in homemade tomato sauce, smoked beef sausage, pigs sausage and probably 5 or 10 other things I’ve forgot about now.

It was delicious and with it we drank some aquavit and beer and now everybody is relaxing a bit more before we get some coffee and start thinking about what to eat tonight.

Christmas is hard.

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