Christmas evening is over

What a great day! Most of the others rise early, so today began at the crack of dawn with a light breakfast and a brisk walk to the beach (for the others, I stayed here and worked a little).

Lise ved Lyø krog_1  Lyø krog 2  Lyø krog


My youngest at the beach

In the afternoon some of us played a game of trivial pursuit while others slept or read or watched a Disney program.

Juletræet og sofahjørnet

Our Christmas tree

Then we decorated the tree and prepared our Christmas dinner, which consisted of a slow cooked goose, a stuffed duck, a pork roast, potatoes, caramelized small potatoes and a wonderful sauce; for 8 people.


Almost ready for our Christmas dinner

After dinner we gave each other presents, and I got exactly what I wished for: a new Philips juicer.

Jakob nissefar og Inger nissemor

My ex and his wife playing games

Then we played some more games, ate some candy, drank some wine and beer and talked.

Now everybody else went to bed and I am sitting here, happy about what a great day it was.

Maggie sover på sofaen


Maggie thinks it was a long and hard day

Tomorrow is my 57th birthday.

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