Christmas vacation, day 2

The house we spend our Christmas vacation in, has lots of bedrooms and still it’s most convenient that I sleep on a sofa, but it’s a most comfortable sofa and last night I slept well.

It’s unbelievable quiet here. The only sounds come from the air condition, the fridge, the heater and the wind.

Even so we are one family, we have different traditions for Christmas eve. My ex looks very much forward to some roasted pork his son in law is going to make, while my oldest daughter wants her fiancé to cook a duck the way he got it, when he was a child. My youngest is a vegan, but is willing to eat fish Christmas eve, and I want to eat goose the way my mother made it.

We are 8 people, and we are going to have 4 different Christmas dishes.

My girls and I bought the birds on a Christmas market the 1rst of December and they are grass fed and organic. My ex’s son in law brought the pork he’s going to prepare, and I don’t know anything about it, but expect it to be organic. The fish is wild caught and we bought it today.

Non e of us is living here and the cupboards and the fridge were totally empty this morning, so my ex, our youngest and I wrote a long list about all the things we need this morning, before we went out shopping.

My ex, our youngest daughter and I went to buy all the food we need for Christmas, and filled the trunk and the one back seat with all kinds of delicious food, before we returned home and I started preparing the Christmas goose.

When I was a child, I remember those days before Christmas, when my dad cut up the geese and my mom prepared them. Cutting them up seemed much easier back then, but I got through it, and now the goose is in the oven.

We are all here now. My oldest has arrived with her fiancé and their 2 dogs and my ex’s wife and her daughter and her fiancé have arrived from Copenhagen with their dogs.

My youngest has decorated the Christmas tree.

We all had a few rounds of beer and liqueur before everybody else went to bed, and now I’m sitting alone again, writing, and it’s quiet except for the heater, the fridge, the air condition and the wind.

I could get used to it.



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