Give your characters a hobby

Todays assignment: Look at the characters in the story you’re writing and reflect on their hobbies. How do they spend their free time? Why do they choose to spend it this way? And what does it say about them?

The novel I’m writing these days (I’ve written about the story here on the blog in ‘She expected him to propose, but then…’ and in ‘How it all ends.’) has 2 main characters, Jane and Adam.

Jane originally comes from a small town in the northern end of the Danish peninsula Jutland, where she was born 31 years ago.

When she was 19 years old she moved to Aarhus to study and she still lives there and works as a French and English teacher at a high school.

She has several hobbies: she swims at least once a week, summer and winter; canoes as often as possible when there is no ice on the sea; has a motorbike and enjoys riding it when the weather is warm, but her biggest passion is gardening. She has hundreds of books about it and has been in England and France on long vacations to study the best ways to grow lavender.

Right now she is living in the middle of town and has no garden, but she dreams about having a house near the sea outside Aarhus, where she can have a big garden and grow lots of lavender and other herbs and vegetables.

She already has made several plans for her dream garden and can picture it in her mind.

Everything in it will be eatable. There will be trellises with blackberries instead of fences, raised beds with tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peas and strawberries, asparagus, carrots and potatoes. There will also be raspberry and blueberry bushes and cherries, pears and apples, and of course walnuts and hazelnuts.

According to Jane grass is a sorry waste of space and there will be no lawn in her garden but a few paved terraces, so it will be possible to find an outdoor spot in the sun at any time during the day, and between the stones there will be creeping thyme you can step on and which gives a lovely scent.

Somewhere in the garden there will be room for an elderberry tree and some hops and around the terraces there will be lots of lemon grass and basil to keep mosquitos away.

Jane doesn’t talk much about her dream, but she just knows that this is how it will be one day.

Adam inherited his fortune from his father, and he stepped into his footsteps, but if he could have chosen his carrier freely, he would have become a painter.

He has drawn and painted for as long as he can remember and taken many courses over the years.

He has been all the way around and has used pencil, coal and ink, oil painting, acrylic painting and watercolor and has found his own style with pencil or ink and watercolor.

After his parents died and he took over their house, he spend quite some money on establishing an atelier in the northern part of the house.

When he draws and paints he can forget about everything and release stress and it makes him happy.

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