Four new young hens in the coop

Since we started eating LCHF, we’ve eaten enormous amounts of cheese (full fat), cottage cheese, cream cheese, cream, butter, olive oil, coconut oil and eggs.


Some of all the eggs we eat come from our trusty 4 white Italians, which my daughter saved from getting destroyed (the farmers actually just throw the living animals into a meat grinder) after they had done their duty as battery hens.

Those four ladies have laid 4 eggs a day since spring, but we expect them to take a brake sometime soon when it’s getting colder and darker outside.

WP_20141023_09_48_52_Pro 1

We’ve discussed whether or not to give the hens and chicken artificial light during winter, but decided not to. The hens channel a lot of the nutrition they get during a day into those eggs, and even so we give them extra grain and sunflower seeds, we find that they are very thin and probably could use a rest.

When the egg season starts again in spring we could use more eggs though, because right now we eat about 3 or 4 times as many eggs as we get from our animals, and so we went out and asked people if they had some hens we could buy from them, and at the organic farm where we get lamb and beef we were lucky and they were willing to sell us some of their Danish country hens.

WP_20141023_09_48_03_Pro Except for the shirt this is just like finding Waldo

Danish country hens are the only breed that originated from Denmark, and they stem from the first hens that came to Denmark more than 2,500 years ago in the migration time. This is one of the only pure country breeds in Europe.

The hens are lively and require a lot of space. They are good egg layers and the eggs are white and weigh 55-60 g. The animals are resistant to diseases and the hens are good at looking after their chicken. The hens are found in different colors and in a normal size as well as in a dwarf size.


Having not a lot of experience with chicken and hens we were a little nervous about how to introduce the 4 new hens to the others, but it just went so well.


We picked them up in the early afternoon yesterday and brought them home in a box with some straw in the trunk of the car, and we left them there until it was time to put them together with the white Italians, the 1 Sussex chicken (which we now believe is a rooster) and the faverolles chicken which all are roosters as well.


We decided that it was best to wait until all the others had entered the coop and had gone to sleep, so we sneaked in there all four of us with the box and set the four country hens free one by one.

The white Italians were already sitting on their perches and the young roosters on nest boxes, and there were more free perches and also nest boxes, but the country hens just took a quick look around in the dark before some of them decided to sleep with the other hens and some wanted to sleep with the roosters. They just jumped up and declared that this was where they belonged, and after only the slightest amount of turmoil they all went to sleep.

This morning I was the lucky one to let the hens out again. They still were the best of friends all of them, and when I opened the ledge, the hen I think is the oldest of the new four went out with the other hens and the roosters as if she had done that all her life.

The other three hens where not quite as brave, but I helped them find their way.


Normally our hens and chicken run where they want to, but to make sure the new ones would stay where they belong, I had closed the chicken run and spread lots of small snacks for all of them all over the place, so they had a kind of treasure hunt.

During the day I went out there several times to see if all was well, and now I really appreciate how well the new hens fit into the Danish landscape, especially in autumn. Compared to the white Italians and the faverolles the Danish country hen is almost invisible, which means the fox will have a hard time to find it.

Dansk landrace høns  Not my picture

I’m glad it wasn’t me who had to let the birds into the coop again tonight, because one of the new hens had opted for a branch 15 meters up in a tree, and my son in law had to climb up there to get her down.

We still have room for many more hens in the coop, and who knows, maybe we are going to get our own baby chicken in spring.


Filling our house with good food

Autumn is the time where most organic farmers slaughter animals for the winter, and for the last few weeks we’ve been around to buy meat that hopefully will last us till next spring.

Grass fed organic meat is different from conventional meat, because it comes from happy animals who have been living outside, eating grass, leafs, roots, worms and so on, sun bathe and dust bathe and do what’s natural for them. They don’t eat food that’s been sprayed with all kinds of poison, and if they get sick, they cannot be slaughtered before they are healthy again.

Their meat has a better omega 3 to omega 6 ratio than conventional meat, and that’s good for us.

A few weeks ago I went out and bought a freezer and since then we’ve bought organic grass fed meat and wild birds, and now the new freezer is full. We bought half a lamb, a fourth part of a pig, 10 kilos of minced beef, several organic chickens, partridges, pheasants, wood pigeons, mallards, a duck, minced chicken meat and different kinds of sausages. As I said – the freezer is full.

It is a good feeling to have a large depot of good food in the house. We’re still keeping an eye out for a good supplier of fish and other kinds of seafood though.

The others in my household have been on the Low Carb High Fat diet for a couple of weeks, while I only started last Wednesday, but we are all very excited about the really delicious food we get and about how easy it is to cook and eat this way.

We get very tasty food every day and there are so many healthy and good replacements for bread, pasta, bread and rice, so we don’t miss it at all. Yesterday we got raw squash cut with a spiralizer, a good sauce with minced meat and butter and cream, a lovely guacamole and lots of grated cheese. The day before that we got pizza, where the crust was made out of eggs, cheese and psyllium husks, and today we got filled pancakes with shrimps, meat sauce, mayonnaise and salad. And for dessert we got a really delicious, rich chocolate mousse – made from cream, eggs and a good dark organic chocolate – with French licorice.

WP_20141021_23_52_23_Pro (2)

Because the biggest part of our calorie intake is fat we don’t need nearly as much food as we used too. And we’re losing weight. All in all I’ve lost 7 kilos over the last 4 weeks.

I think that we all agree that this is a way of eating we very much would like to hold on to, and today my daughter emptied the kitchen cabinets for everything that isn’t compatible with the Low Carb High Fat diet, like sugar, flour, pasta and rice, and she filled all of it into some nice boxes we’re going to give away.

The truth about cancer

These days I’m listening to a documentary series called The Truth About Cancer ( The series started on October 13th, is continuing until the 24th and the different parts can be screened for free one day at a time (sorry about not telling you earlier).

The series is created by a man who realized that more and more members of his family die from cancer in an ever increasing speed, and that his chances of getting cancer and dying of it are big. That’s why he went out to talk to people who know something about what’s going on, what’s the reason for this huge problem and what we can do about it.

I haven’t had the time to listen every day, but what I’ve heard so far has been very interesting and really eye opening.

There have been interviews with physicians, who talked about what cancer is (they all agree that cancer is not that lump you feel, but it’s a symptom of something going wrong in the body); what we can do about it (most of them agree that the biggest part of cancer patients who officially die of cancer, in reality die long before their time from the side effects of the treatments (operation, radiation, chemo)); that it’s possible to live with cancer for many years; and that we should change our diet before we even consider letting our doctors cut, burn and poison us.

This is intelligent reasoning, and I think that it is huge that the people talking about the terrible failures of conventional medicine are in fact physicians, doctors and professors. Well done!

You still have time a few days to go and listen to the last parts of the series, and if you have somebody in your surroundings who is fighting cancer, the whole series can be bought for 49.50$ I think.

It really is good information, and I will make sure to buy the series and keep an eye on these filmmakers.

About the blessings of Low Carb High Fat

WP_20141016_10_50_08_Pro 1  On LCHF you’re not only allowed but supposed to eat lots of fat like butter and cconut oil

When on a diet I’ve often found it difficult to eat as often as I was supposed to and eat 3 to 6 meals a day whether I felt like it or not.

WP_20141016_10_49_26_Pro  Breakfast rolls made from nuts

We’ve been told over and over again to eat breakfast before we leave the house, but if you think about it, do you think it’s natural? Do you think that our ancestor the cave man ate a hearty breakfast before he went out to hunt? Or do you think that he went out to hunt because he wanted something to eat?

WP_20141016_10_49_45_Pro  Pancakes sizliung in a pan

When eating low carb high fat you don’t have to eat when you’re not hungry, and when you eat, you eat until you’re not hungry anymore before you stop.

WP_20141016_11_27_00_Pro 1  These are made froim eggs, cotton cheese and psyllium husks

When you eat only or mostly protein and fat, it means that your blood sugar doesn’t spike and fall. You have less mood swings, you have less chance for developing diabetes, your body has to use fat for energy and will lose weight. You also have much better chances to not develop cancer in the first place or starve your cancer if you got it.

WP_20141016_11_29_32_Pro 1  And they taste exactly like french toast

The healthy cells in your body can live on carbohydrates, fat and protein, but cancer cells can only live on carbohydrates (sugar and starchy foods), which means that fat and protein are the safer choices.

WP_20141017_20_00_45_Pro   WP_20141017_20_01_05_Pro  Lambs meat with bernaise sauce, been fries and cucumber

Since I started eating Low Carb High Fat 3 days ago, I went all in, and so far I’ve tried bread and breakfast rolls without any kind of flour but made from eggs and nuts and coconut flour, been fries and pizza made entirely without flour. The crust is made from grated cheese, eggs, potato fiber, oregano, salt and pepper, and baked without topping for 10-12 minutes. Then you add the topping and bake the pizza for another 5-10 minutes. It tastes absolutely delicious.

WP_20141018_19_57_55_Pro 1  And yes, pizza


Living the life with LCHF

Switching to Low Carb High Fat is heaven.

In case you’re not familiar with LCHF, it’s a kind of paleo diet with the exception that on LCHF you eat a lot of fat.

The idea is that fat makes you feel full sooner so you eat less, and because the food doesn’t contain a lot of carbohydrates, your blood sugar doesn’t rise and fall, but stays where it’s supposed to be. That means your body does not make a lot of insulin, which means you don’t gain weight but lose some instead.


Cooking LCHF is quite different from normal cooking, but it’s absolutely delicious. Like for instance the coffee I get in the morning, which I make from

2 large tablespoons coconut oil or butter

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 pinch vanilla

1 cup full strong coffee

½ cup hot water

1 egg

If you like your coffee sweet you can add some coconut sugar as well

Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend for a minute or two on high speed. Pour the coffee into a glass and enjoy.

I could easily get used to this!

Part one of my experiment is over

Since last time I wrote about my Alma Nissen drinking cure here on the blog, I’ve stopped following it.

While I felt great during the first 2 weeks of the cure, I gradually began not feeling so good later on. A week ago – last Thursday – I got a sore throat, and Friday I got a headache that reached from my shoulders over my neck and skull to my eyes. I never ever have headaches, and though this was not a really bad one, it was unusual.

There had been a cold going around, and everybody I know had had it already, so I guessed that this was it, but then again – my head, neck, shoulders and throat kept on hurting. If what I was doing was so healthy, shouldn’t I get over this cold quite fast and easily?

I began eating raw garlic as prescribed by Alma Nissen, but very soon found that it wasn’t for me. I continued eating the potato soup though until Wednesday evening, when my eyes started hurting. That was it.

I was in the middle of preparing a new batch potato soup, when it hit me that I wasn’t able to do this anymore.

My oldest daughter Julie had just made a low carb bread, and she cut two slices for me and put brie and blueberry jam on top of it, and what can I say? After only eating potato soup for 3½ weeks the bread tasted absolutely divine, and 15 minutes after eating it my eyes stopped hurting and my headache disappeared.

Since then I’ve eaten food with a high content of fat, and I feel so much better now.  I still cough and my throat still hurts, but that too will pass.

What I’ve learned about the Alma Nissen cure by following it is that while it is good for your joints, blood pressure and stomach and gives you a clear mind when you follow the cure for a short while – let’s say 2 weeks – it is probably too restrictive to be healthy if you follow it longer than that, since the potato soup only contains limited amounts of vitamins and minerals and absolutely no fat at all.

If you want to follow the cure for longer than 2 weeks I suggest you at least take a good multi vitamin and add 1-2 tablespoons full of a good raw oil like coconut or olive to each of your meals.

If you don’t necessarily want a vegan or vegetarian diet, you could also cook your soup on marrow bones from grass fed beef. In that case the bones have to cook for many hours – say 4-5-6 hours – for them to release the good stuff into the soup. Only add the vegetables and potatoes for the last 30 minutes.

The Alma Nissen cure is cheap and easy to follow and good if you only want to follow it for a short time. If you want something you can follow for a longer time and you can spend a little more money on your food, I suggest you try juicing. It gives you large amounts of most of the vitamins you need and has been proven to help against health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and many more.

I myself continue on the so called Low Carb High Fat diet, which is a kind of paleo diet, where you get your calories from proteins and fats and only very little carbohydrates.

In Sweden, where this diet comes from, LCHF has been used for several years and is now the official recommended treatment for obesity and several diseases.



This is not for the faint hearted

When I was a child, we never ate strong spicy food. Our food tasted of the vegetables that were in it and pork, beef, poultry or fish, where the taste was enhanced with salt and a little pepper, and that was it. The only exception to it was an occasional spoonful of mustard if we had sausages or cold cuts of meat on rye.

We never ate chili or horseradish or garlic, only onions and they were usually cooked in the food.

The spices we used were cinnamon for porridge, cookies and canned produce like apples, pears and pumpkins; vanilla for cookies, cakes and whipped cream; bay leaves and mustard seeds for more canned produce like cucumbers and red beets, and that was pretty much it.

When I was about 8 or 9, I started baking cakes and cooking food and added a few more spices to our staple, like cardamom and paprika, but still nothing really spicy.

Eating spicy food was not a big thing in my part of the world back then, and I think that we would probably have blamed people of ruining some perfectly good food by adding to many spices.

Since then my eating habits have changed quite a lot. I’ve learned to add more spices and condiments to my food, and used in moderation I’ve also learned to appreciate some stronger spices like chili, garlic, jalapenos and different kinds of peppers. I prefer to eat a really good organic mustard with my organic goat sausages instead of any ketchup, would never eat my sashimi and sushi without wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce, and absolutely love raw meat with raw onions, capers, horse radish and an egg yolk. I even eat my shawarma with a little chili and garlic.

You will never see me in a contest about eating the strongest peppers though or adding more chili to my food, and after eating raw garlic as a part of Alma Nissen’s drinking cure for two days, there is one more thing I know you will never see me doing again, and that is eating raw garlic.

I think it’s unpleasant. Chewing the 10 garlic cloves 3 times a day hurts in my mouth, and swallowing the garlic gives me an unpleasant feeling in my stomach. It makes me nauseated.

While I appreciate that eating very spicy food, in places where the hygiene is poor, can be a way of killing germs and bacteria, and while I furthermore appreciate the health benefits of garlic, I still must say that eating 30 cloves of raw garlic is not for me. Maybe if I got used to it little by little, maybe if I had a health problem which garlic could aid, but I didn’t and I haven’t, and so I stopped eating garlic.

Doing this to my self just for the kicks of it is too much.

So I will continue the drinking cure for the last 4 days without garlic, and I’ve also decided not to do anything about any gallstones I might have. The idea of drinking a glass full of oil just doesn’t appeal to me.

I look very much forward to Monday to see if I lost any more weight and to start on a new chapter of my experiment.





Three weeks into the drinking cure – one week left

This morning my scale showed 1½ kilos less, which means that within the last three weeks I’ve shed 6½ kilos in all. That’s not bad.

I also got rid of the pain in my neck, throat and sinuses. I hope it just was a false alarm, or maybe the viruses got scarred by the herbs and the garlic I started eating to get rid of them.

The herbs are in the form of capsules by the name urte-pensil that have been sold here in Denmark since 1976, and which contain herbs like ash leaves (Fraxinus excelsiour L), Echinacea (E. pallida (Nutt.) and E. purpurea L.), fenugreek seeds (Trigonella foenum graecum L), propolis extract, smooth rupturewort or  green carpet (Herniaria glabra L.) and the root of torment or septfoil (Potentilla erecta L).

The capsules are my secret weapon whenever I get a cold or have an infection. One has to take quite a lot of them – 5 capsules up till 4 times a day – but they really work.

If you want to try them just google urte-pensil, and you’ll find several offers. Order the capsules, not the pills or the powder, because the capsules are easy to take and you can take them whenever you want and don’t have to take them with a meal.

I started eating garlic as well – 10 cloves of garlic 3 times a day – to get rid of any inflammation I might have in my body. It has been a hurdle for me to actually do that, but now I started it’s okay.

It’s not possible to eat those 10 cloves all by themselves though, because raw garlic is hard on the mucous membrane of the mouth, so I cut an apple into wedges, dip those wedges in linseed and then alternately eat one garlic clove and one or two apple wedges.

Okay, eating this much raw garlic isn’t good for your social life unless you follow it up with good dental hygiene, which means you have to floss and brush your teeth and scrape your tongue.  I found a young lady on youtube, who gives a good explanation of how to scrape your tongue:

After you’ve done all that, instead of using a (toxic) breath freshener from a bottle or a spray, you can chew a capsule of cardamom or eat some fresh parsley, and no one will notice that you’re eating a lot of garlic.


Am I getting the flue?

There has been a kind of flue like cold going around here for a while. Everybody I know has had it except me, but then I barely ever get sick. Then last night I started having a sore throat, just a little bit, and in the morning I started feeling like I have a slight sinus problem. Not a big thing, but it’s there, and also my neck hurts a bit.

I don’t really know what to make of it. Didn’t expect to get sick now, while I’m eating as healthy as I do. I hope it will be gone in the morning. Maybe now is the right time to start eating al the garlic I’ve tried to avoid for the last three weeks.

Today my daughter Lise and I just relaxed and did something I usually never do, we watched television. There was a cooking program marathon with Jamie OIiver going on, and I just love that man, so I was barely able to turn off the TV.

Now I’m in the train on my way home.

It’s dark outside, and there is nothing much to see outside the windows, but if there was some light, right about now I would be able to see the bridge near the City Vejle crossing Vejlefjord. This is how it looks.


There is only one week left of my experiment with Alma Nissen’s drinking cure, and I am glad. While I appreciate the benefits of the drinking cure, I also love to eat real food, and only drinking potato soup for weeks on end is not the most exciting thing I’ve done.



Banana shake, salad, fruit and more potato soup

As expected my diet today differed a lot from my normal days on Alma Nissen’s drinking cure, and to be honest, I was quite pleased about it.

I started the day with a smoothie made purely from bananas and almond milk. You should try it, it tastes great. For two people we blended 6 bananas and half a liter of almond milk, but you can use more or less bananas, depending on, how sweet you want the shake to be.

We also ate some of the potato soup that was left from last night.

As a snack while we were on a shopping spree in town, I got a juice with oranges and avocados. I love oranges and I love avocados and together they taste like heaven.

WP_20141011_12_48_00_Pro  At the end of this street to the left Hans Christian Andersen was born

WP_20141011_12_50_45_Pro  For some reason most of the pictures I took of the place, didn’t make it, but this is the house, where Hans Christian Andersen was born and lived untill he was 4 or 5 years old and moved to Copenhagen.

It took us a while to find a place where we could get food without meat, dairy, gluten and additives, but in the end we found a restaurant in the old part of town, where they served a nice salad with green and red salad leaves, jalapeno peppers, cornichons, olives and a good green pesto without cheese for lunch.

WP_20141011_16_32_39_Pro  This is my daughter Lise at the restaurant

I also got a fruit salad made from different kinds of apples, oranges, plums and bananas. They usually serve it with a vanilla sauce and a chocolate sauce, but I left that out.

After we’d had lunch it was late already and the shops where closing so we decided to go to the cinema and see a movie. We opted for a Danish movie called the pheasant hunters after a book by the Danish writer Jussi Adler Olsen.

I love crime movies, but am not into violence on screen, and since this movie was unexpectedly violent, I sat with my hands in front of my eyes and my thumbs plugged into my ears most of the time. You can’t pick a winner every time, I guess.

After the movie we walked home and shopped for ingredients for our dinner on the way, and we got potato soup with broccoli and peas again, and it tasted great.

We had a really great day, food wise and in every other way, and we finished it off with a late night romance movie with Jennifer Aniston on television.


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